VLP(virus-like particle) of Alfafa Mosaic Virus
expressed from N. benthamiana

Plant-based Molecular Farming Innovation

The Recombinant Edge : 
Revealing Genuine Protein Potential

Our Solutions

Plant-based Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Platform

The power of plants to revolutionize the production of biopharmaceuticals

Green Vaccines

HERBAVAC™ is the world's first plant-based green vaccine brand, now available in the market.

Raw Materials

GLEAP is a brand specializing in recombinant proteins, including growth factors, diagnostic antigens, and cosmetic ingredients.

Our Technology

New Milestones in Plant Molecular Farming


High expression
induced host plant system

Protein Engineering

Targeting Engineering
Protein Folding
Glycan engineering


High Expression System
UTR Enhancers
DNA-, RNA- vectors

Safe & Smart

Automation Control
Closed-type Plant factory System
Our plant-based technology is superior to mammalian cell-based technology in terms of safety and production cost.
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We strive to achieve the ultimate goal of One-Health by providing safe, eco-friendly, sustainable, and affordable premium vaccines and recombinant proteins.